Road accidents involving cyclists 2014-16

Dynamo requested numbers and details of cyclist accidents in our district between 2014 and 2016 from Lancashire Constabulary and got a speedy response.  We received both a letter and a summary of the collisions set out in a spreadsheet.

Headline figures are that there were:

  • 38 collisions involving at least one pedal cycle in 2014
  • 29 in 2015
  • 17 in 2016.

Death and injuries of all types are lowest in 2016, which is good news.

The worst roads for cyclist collisions are:

  • Scotforth Road (10 over the period)
  • Greaves Road (5)
  • Owen Road (5)
  • Slyne Road (4)
  • Bowerham Road (3)
  • Torrisholme Road (3)
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Dynamo’s updated response to draft Cycling & Walking Strategy

Dynamo has updated its November 2016 response to Lancashire County Council’s draft Cycling and Walking Strategy.  You can read the document here.

Basically: what will they do to curb car use, and how do they intend to get children walking and cycling to school and elsewhere?

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Questions to ask County Council candidates

Lancashire County Council is the highways authority for our district, and they are the ones who decide on cycle infrastructure and safety.  With the local elections on Thursday 4 May, here is a suggestion. When candidates for the County Council elections come knocking on your door to ask for your vote, ask them these questions:

  1. Will you lobby for a dedicated council officer to support cycling and walking to school for children?
  2. Will you lobby for a road safety officer with a special brief to  make main roads such as the A6 less dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists?
  3. Will you lobby for an increase to the dedicated cycling budget?
  4. Are you willing to hold council officers to account to implement these  necessary safety improvements in Lancaster district?

Dynamo has written to the Lancaster Guardian suggesting that their readers ask the same questions.

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Glasson path volunteer work – Wednesday 26 April

The local Sustrans group is organising a maintenance day on Wednesday 26 April from 9.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. on the Glasson path  Meet at the Café d’Lune, Condor Green, armed with any basic equipment you use in your garden (spade, long brush, wheelbarrow, secateurs).  More on a public Facebook page at

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State of the canal towpath IV

With fingers crossed, Dynamo has written to the Canal & River Trust to ask them to consider using the Community Payback scheme to clear the towpath between Lancaster and Carnforth.

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Lancaster-Glasson path update

Dynamo spoke to the Countryside Service Manager at Lancashire County Council today about the path.  As can be seen from the photo above (taken 2 April), they have been out and scraped off the top layer of mud to reveal the old surface.  The problem with this is the path is now slightly lower than the surrounding vegetation, so when it rains – as it does! – there is more standing water than usual.

Morecambe Wildfowlers will be going along the path with their vehicles shortly to carry out some work on their land.  Once that is done, the County intends to send a small digger along the route to work on the edges of the path so that rainwater can drain away more easily.

As an aside, the stretch of path from the Stodday water treatment works to the estuary path isn’t registered as having an owner.  This means that the County Council is reluctant to touch it for fear of becoming liable for it forever after.

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Funding for Lancaster end of Glasson path

Lancashire County Council has found £7,740 for the 2017/18 financial year for vehicle barriers and flood work on the path between New Quay Road and Aldcliffe Hall Lane.  See Appendix I on this page. Sadly it won’t address the state of the path further along.

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