Forthcoming meeting with police

Dick will be meeting Lancashire Constabulary (#bikebobbies) on Friday to find out more about the work they are doing to complement the “Safe Pass” initiative.

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“Pass safely” sign spotted


Dynamo’s first sighting of posters from Lancashire Road Safety Partnership to encourage drivers to leave a safe distance when overtaking cyclists. This one is on Ashton Road.

(Let’s hope that hedge doesn’t grow.)

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Cyclist data from the Cycling Demonstration Town years (2005-2011)

Sustrans have published data collected during the CDT years for the towns and cities that participated, of which Lancaster and Morecambe formed one.  (See Sustrans’s “Evaluation of the Cycling City and Towns and the Cycling Demonstration Towns programmes“.)

For our district, the headline figures are that by 2011 the cycle counters registered 29% more cyclists than in 2005.  You can read the full report here.

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New “Safe Pass” cycle initiative in Lancashire


Since news of the West Midlands’ police scheme to educate drivers about a safe distance to pass cyclists (1.5 metres, please), Dynamo has been pestering the police about something similar in our district.

Lancashire Road Safety Partnership has announced its new scheme, in conjunction with Lancashire Constabulary, called “Safe Pass”, which is a mat and bicycle demonstration which “will be rolled out at events and key locations across Lancashire over the summer”.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as far as the West Midlands’, where undercover police officers on bicycles actually stop close-passing motorists – who are really the ones who need educating.  Dynamo is taking this up with Lancashire police.

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Spurs to the Bay Gateway


From the canal towpath to the Bay Gateway

Over-optimistic as ever, Dynamo had assumed that the short spurs that connect the new Bay Gateway shared-use path to existing routes were still to be properly surfaced. Not necessarily with silky-smooth tarmac, but neither quite so gravelly. Easy to cycle up with normal tyres (or manoeuvre a pushchair or wheelchair). So we checked with the County Council.


The gravelly surface is here to stay.  Below is the County’s response:

The type of surfacing for the ‘spurs’ from the shared use cycleway/footway was decided on for a variety of reasons (speed limiting, durability, water runoff etc.) and for a variety of users (pedestrians, riders etc.).

In the location as shown, it was felt that a ‘black topped’ connection would encourage some cyclists to leave or enter the canal towpath at inappropriate speeds. The level of surfacing provided is consistent with a rural environment and is identical to the connections provided from Hammerton Hall Lane to the towpath to the south of the link road or Folly Lane to the north.

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Objection to planning application at Vale of Lune Rugby Club

Dynamo has objected to the application for 51 houses by the Vale of Lune Rugby Club (reference 17/00309/FUL) as there are not enough details for the  proposed shared-use path from the Bare cricket club alongside one-way Powderhouse Lane to the new road junction to the estate.  Our objection reads:

I write on behalf of Dynamo (Lancaster & District Cycle Campaign) to object to this application as it does not – as far as we can see – currently contain firm guarantees of the width and surface of the proposed shared-use path on the southern section of Powderhouse Lane. This path will be essential for cyclists to be able to access the new estate easily and safely. It is therefore very important that it is wide, well-surfaced and – crucially – safe from cars being parked on it (as has happened at New Quay Road, Lancaster). It needs bollards or a raised kerb to ensure that it is kept clear at all times.

PS  The Dolphinholme application was rejected but the Carnforth oneincredibly – was approved.

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Cycle Bunnies: Women’s cycling in Lancaster


From the Cycle Bunnies website

Following a couple of queries about a women-only cycling group in our district, Dynamo finally tracked down Cycle Bunnies.

This is a local cycling group that promotes women’s cycling.  Their aims are to encourage “women everywhere, of every ability, to enjoy the FUN, FREEDOM and FRIENDSHIP of Cycle Bunnies. Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome to join [their] exciting friendly team of members”.

You can find out more by contacting them at or going to their Facebook page (link from their Events page).

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