Funding for cycle safety in Lancashire

In April 2016 the Lancashire County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport agreed the Capital Programme for Highway Maintenance, Road Safety, Cycling and Public Rights of Way New Starts.  More – if you really want it – at

The vast bulk of the funding (£20 million +) goes on highway maintenance (potholes, anyone?), but £0.5 million is to be spent on addressing cycling casualties. This document (Appendix J) outlines how part of that funding will be spent. For our district, there is to be a shared footway on Broadway. Bizarre, but . . .

Skelmersdale is doing well out of this (and perhaps they need it), but it should be noted that only approx. £175,000 of the £500,000 is allocated in this document. It will be interesting to see how the rest is spent.

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County Council approves motion to protect the Preston Guild Wheel

Green County Councillor Gina Dowding, seconded by Conservative leader Geoff Driver, persuaded the full Council meeting yesterday to support a motion to protect the integrity of the Preston Guild Wheel. You can read a press release about it here.

Thank you to everyone who supported this.

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Preston Guild Wheel protest today

Preston Guild Wheel supporters were not the only ones outside County Hall lobbying at the start of the meeting of the full Council! County Councillor Gina Dowding has submitted a motion to maintain the integrity of the Guild Wheel; the motion has a seconder so will be debated at the end of today’s meeting.


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Lancaster Critical Mass – Friday 27 May at 6 p.m.

A bicycle carnival to show Lancaster as the cycle city it could be.  On the last Friday of each month. Meet at Dalton Square at 6 p.m. on Friday 27 May.

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Support Preston Guild Wheel event – Thursday 26 May at 12.30 in Preston

The Preston Guild Wheel is under threat from developers, and on Thursday 26 May from 12.30-1.30 p.m. local cyclists will be presenting a petition to Lancashire County Council and are encouraging all interested people to join them.  They will be at the Pitt Street entrance of County Hall in Preston – just across the road from the front entrance to Preston railway station.

Below is the text from Peter Ward, who was one of the key people involved in the creation of the Guild Wheel:




If possible, MAKE THE EFFORT, be at County Hall, Pitt Street (opposite & just South of the railway station) on Thurs May 26th. 12.30 to 1.30 pm – (cyclists perhaps make it part of a bike ride)

– To all cyclists / walkers / environmentalists and interested family & friends. Hope you are fine,

Lancashire County Council is planning to spend over £200 million on costly highway schemes like the Broughton by pass, the Blackpool Road to M55 & Eastway link road and new big roundabouts near Samlesbury and Farington. However, safe provision for cyclists and other vulnerable road users, we state, is often poor and frequently dangerous. In fact we contend that actual and current plans will set back safe cycling provision by over 20 years. This at a time when many local authorities, especially London, Manchester, Salford, etc. are constructing more direct, safer cycleways – often traffic free.

This in a period when deaths and serious injuries to cyclists, in many areas of Lancashire, are up by some 70% since 2005. Also when similar accident to children, in this area are increasing – according to the most recent figures we have available.

At the above lobby we are presenting a letter, about the above situation, and also the petition to “SAVE OUR GUILD WHEEL.” This petition has been signed by over 10,000 people and over 2,000 have taken the trouble to also write in overwhelmingly positive comments. If you and your interested friends have not signed please do so on line –( save our guild wheel at popular (100,000 users at the last count) award winning cycle/walkway which took over a decade to build, three years latter is being severely undermined and endangered by 8 planned new junction. For many club members & keen cyclists, walkers & runners these safe routes are the best way to get many more people cycling and other sporting & leisure activities. The GW is used by clubs, groups and individuals to by-pass Preston’s busy streets, and safely access the great countryside on the other side of the City. It is used by cyclists and others who have had bad road traffic accidents & major surgery to get back their health, fitness and confidence back in a relatively safe environment.

On cycle rides, club nights, at cafes, at events a major topic of conversation is about near misses, collisions, injuries and even deaths of riders we know. While many riders will spend hours riding their bikes only a tiny handful take the trouble to campaign to achieve safer cycling. To all concerned about safer cycling, running & walking routes please try to attend this lobby and demonstrate you support for our campaign. Please pass on this message to interested – club mates, friends, family, colleagues by e’mail, social media, etc..

Safe cycling, running & walking. Best wishes, Peter

Peter Ward JP MBE, Chair PGW and Preston Council Cycle Liaison Committee, life member Ribble Valley CRC, former – international cyclist and major to club event organiser

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Strange transmission

Bike spotted in Leipzig today:


and here’s the “chain” and “chainring”:


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Cycling in Germany


Frankfurter Allee, Berlin

Best cycling sight of the holiday so far: it’s perfectly safe and acceptable for sensible ten-year-olds to cycle around on their own on paths and roads.

Good quality cycle infrastructure is well integrated into the road network. Even on a busy street, the cycle lane is miraculously free of parked cars and wandering pedestrians.

Most depressing thought of the holiday so far: for a number of years we have cycled the last British bit between Manningtree station and Harwich. The final few miles is part of the National Cycle Network and it’s on a fairly busy road. Not dreadful, but not great either . . . and in all those years, while car traffic has increased, the cycle route has never been improved. And it probably never will be now.

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