Vintage by the Sea bike ride – Saturday 3 September

Vintage by The Sea

Once again, Vintage by the Sea is organising a bike ride on Saturday 3 September.  Register at

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Cycle/pedestrian route through Lancaster Infirmary re-opens


The shortcut through the Royal Lancaster Infirmary from Aldcliffe Road to Ashton Road has finally re-opened – albeit without the signage telling you that it’s only open during the day.

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Consultation on HGV movement strategy for Lancaster

With the opening of the M6 link road later this year, Lancashire County Council are looking at measures to “ensure that the benefits of the new link road are felt across the wider Lancaster area”. In this regard, they are consulting on the management of HGVs to make the most effective use of the link road – mainly by imposing a weight limit of 7.5 tonnes on non-motorway/non-bypass main roads. At first glance this looks promising, and Dynamo will be responding in due course.

You can read further at; to access the report go to the section Project Document and click on the Report link. (The report is also here.) To respond, go to the “Give your Views” hyperlink on the top left-hand side.

Consultation closes on Monday 12 September

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Bike thefts in Lancaster are the highest in West Lancashire

report in today’s Lancaster Guardian states that Lancaster had the highest number of reported bike thefts in West Lancashire in 2015. There’s no real analysis of the figures.  Is it that we in Lancaster are more diligent about reporting thefts?  Less diligent about locking our bikes securely?  Since Lancaster has relatively high rates of utility cycle usage, is it that there are simply more bikes to steal?  Or do we have more covetable bikes than Blackpool?

Any views on this?

Meanwhile, the article does contain useful advice on keeping your bike secure.

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Presentation from Lancaster Rapid Transit workshop 23.6.16

Not really a cycling matter (except for our earlier concern that the County Council would try to use the Lancaster-Morecambe greenway for a tram link), but here is the presentation by Jacobs consultants to the stakeholder meeting on 23 June 2016.  A propos the Caton Road park and ride scheme, it seems that someone has finally realised that Caton Road is too narrow for bus lanes – so there is a proposal for Salt Ayre to become a park and ride site.  With a new bridge over the river just for public transport.

Perhaps the white elephant of a car park at the M6 junction could become a park and cycle site after all?

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Update on our Local Sustainable Transport Fund queries

We have received further details from Lancashire County Council on the amounts spent on business and school engagement under the £5 million Local Sustainable Transport Fund award (see previous posts).  The sums spent are here and the definitions of “engagement” here.  We still have no idea of the outcomes or level of success resulting from the £436,812 dished out in grants – and it’s disappointing that only 12 of the 578 businesses engaged actually put their own money into the initiatives.

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A small result

After an email to the senior engineer on the M6 link road about the poor state of the shared-use path below the new bridge over the River Lune, Dynamo swiftly received reassurance that the surface would be in a safe condition before the work is completed in that area. We’ll send our roaming reporter out to check on it in due course.

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