Mysterious signs . . .

These signs have appeared on the walls of the apartments at Aalborg Place beside the towpath. It’s confusing because the towpath is signed as a cycle route and has shared-use signs at either end:

while the new signs – attached to the apartment walls – appear to have all the force of a sign such as “Do not cycle on the M6”:


They seem to be designed to cause confrontation. There appears to be nothing the City Council can do because the wall is private property, yet there seems to be no reason why we cannot continue to cycle along the towpath.

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Bicycle parking at Lancaster station

The cycle racks on platform 5 are being used more than they were before:


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Update on Damside/North Road rat running

One of the problems tackling rat running on Damside/North Road in Lancaster was that the road sign is wrong and enforcement action could be challenged. The County Council is proposing to replace the signs and amend the traffic regulation order . . . 6-8 weeks for the signs and a matter of months for the traffic order. Things certainly move at a glacial pace, but at least they move.

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Change of name for CTC to Cycling UK

The CTC (Cyclists’ Touring Club for those old enough to remember) has changed its name to Cycling UK to better reflect what they do and their wider representation of cyclists.  Their website is now (although you can still get to it via

PS  Dick’s pothole is still there.

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The story so far . . .

Potholes on Aldcliffe Road reported to the County Council’s website on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday teatime they had been outlined (see above). We will bring you an update when they are filled in.

If you want to report a pothole, make sure you know the name of the street and, preferably, the number of a house close to the pothole (to make location easier), and report it at Let us know how you get on.

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Finally . . . what did happen to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund

On 5 April we finally received a formal account (rather than verbal reports in meetings) from Lancashire County Council of what the £5 million Local Sustainable Transport Fund was spent on.  The document is here.  It is far from perfect: it simply states where the money went – nothing about what companies or schools spent it on, nor what the quantified outcomes were.

We will be following this up.

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Meeting with the police

Yesterday Dick met Inspector Steve Bell of Neighbourhood Policing and his cycling colleague to express Dynamo’s safety concerns re the following:

  • rat-running past no-entry signs like Damside and Spring Garden Street in Lancaster city centre
  • parking in mandatory cycle lanes (especially when contra-flow) like Chapel Street
  • pavement parking
  • enforcement of 20mph speed limits.

The meeting made clear how, despite goodwill, nothing is simple, how responsibilities fall between the police and the County Council, and (reading between the lines) how funding is being stretched further and further.

Regarding the rat-running – the County Council needs to change the road signs before the police can prosecute, but this isn’t a high priority for the County. The inspector was willing to raise awareness through the police facebook page and by stopping offenders (subject to officers being available). Dick is writing to the County to ask them to move it up their list.

The City and County Council parking authorities control parking in cycle lanes, and the Inspector will ask them to issue tickets. However, Road Safety Officers – 4 for a very large county – are overstretched.

It seems that central government has backed out of encouraging enforcement of 20mph speed restrictions as it would be too unpopular. (Not with us!) Volunteers can be trained to become part of the Community Road Watch Team and issued with speed monitors. CRWTs are very active in some parts of Lancashire – including Garstang. Perhaps we need to make contact with Garstang.

Re parking on pavements – this is not an absolute offence. It needs to be shown that it is causing an obstruction.

So, a helpful meeting with some ideas of how to follow it up.

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