Letter to Councillor John Fillis re A6 safety

As part of Dynamo’s long-running campaign to get Lancashire County Council to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians on the A6, we have written again to County Councillor John Fillis, cabinet member for highways and transport. Read our latest letter here. Our original letter is here.

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Winter gritting

Has anyone noticed any gritting on any of the shared-use paths? Please let us know at dynamocycle@btinternet.com.

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Cycling the Bay Gateway: a user’s guide


The new Bay Gateway from the new A6 bridge, looking towards the Morecambe end. The shared-use path is on the south/east side of the road.

From the Dynamo inbox:

“I’ve had two trips down this since it opened, once by bike and another in my car.

“Monday pm had a few curious pedestrians and a significant number of bikes, but I saw one cyclist on the main carriageway heading towards Morecambe. That’s not clever when the cycle track has plenty of width, and an excellent surface.

“Worse on Friday midday was a cyclist heading from Morecambe in an easterly direction. I saw him trying to stay between the kerb and white line on the main carriageway, a narrow strip perhaps 600mm wide. When he reached the roundabout at Slyne, the white line is angled into the kerb and the space disappears, he got cut up by a big truck. The intended cycle route is on the south side, which leads you onto the A6 and over the Bay Gateway if you want to head north.

“We have to get the message out that the cycle provision is separate from the cars, but is continuous even if a few bits are not finished. It is surfaced well and even those with skinny tyres can use it.”

The field trip:

So Patricia pedalled out of her comfort zone and headed for the M6 link road/Bay Gateway to ride from the River Lune to Lancaster & Morecambe College. Here is her report:

“The two-way shared-use path is good – smooth, easy to get to and separated from the carriageway by a thick white line and a decent kerb. You might want to keep away from the edge in wet weather – the spray from fast-moving lorries will be filthy.  I saw only one pedestrian and two cyclists on the path, but I’ve also heard a report of a cyclist having to brake hard for an extendable dog lead – so there are still the usual hazards of shared-use paths.

“I approached the Bay Gateway from the Lune path; there is a spur from the path up to the new bridge:


Lune Millennium path from the new bridge, showing the spur leading up to the bridge.

which takes you straight up to the new road.  New access points have also been built to take you to/from the Bay Gateway from the new A6 bridge (which has a new bit of cycle lane), the green lane, the canal towpath and the Vale of Lune Rugby Club.

“Note that you need to be on the shared-use path to access these routes; there is a waist-high wall dividing the carriageways, so if you’re on the “wrong” side of the road you can’t get across to the “right” side.

“The Bay Gateway ends/begins at Lancaster & Morecambe College. If you want to stick to cycle paths to get to Morecambe, you need to cross diagonally to McDonalds. This may involve a lot of button-pressing to wait for the green man/cycle – but in my case I pressed one button and then sailed over 6 crossings on a green wave.


With my back to McDonalds, looking at Lancaster & Morecambe College. To get to the Bay Gateway cycle path, you need to be diagonally opposite. If you don’t cross the road, you will be mixing it with fast-moving cars and lorries on the carriageway.

“To get to the Lancaster-Morecambe path from McDonalds, you follow the new path (ignoring the minor residential road) and will come to the main path at the low bridge on White Lund.”


Looking at the new path to McDonalds and the end/start of the Bay Gateway.

More from the Dynamo inbox:

There have been reports that the new path from White Lund to McDonalds can be very slippery in frosty conditions. The City Council are aware of this.  Meanwhile . . . take care.

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Letter from Councillor John Fillis re the A6

In February 2016 Dynamo wrote to Cat Smith MP about our concerns for safety on the A6 south.  Ms Smith passed Dynamo’s letter to County Councillor John Fillis, who replied to her on the specific matters that Dynamo raised.  This is Councillor Fillis’s letter, which we received in the summer via Ms Smith.  We have been considering it carefully as we feel it does not adequately address the dangers faced by cyclists (and pedestrians) on the A6, and we are preparing our response.

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Ned Boulting’s Bikeology at the Grand – Tuesday 8 November

Ned Boulting (from ITV4’s Tour de France coverage) will be at the Grand Theatre, Lancaster LA1 1NL on Tuesday 8 November at 7.30 p.m. It could be fun as well as informative.

More details from the Grand or the Bikeology websites.

bikeology banner 2 (002).jpg

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Consultation on draft Cycling & Walking Strategy extended to 30 November

Following cyclists’ protests at the practically hidden consultation on Lancaster County Council’s draft Cycling & Walking Strategy, the deadline for comments has been extended to 30 November. You can comment by going to http://www3.lancashire.gov.uk/corporate/consultation/responses/response.asp?ID=323.

Remember that this is both cycling AND walking, so pass this on to pedestrians as well as other cyclists.

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Update on planning applications

  1. 158 houses at Carnforth – ref. 16/00335/OUT.  Additional information has been submitted by the applicant.  The decision is awaited.
  2. 32 houses in Overton – ref. 16/01136/FUL.  This is a new version of 15/01156, which was withdrawn.  Dynamo has made the same objection as before regarding lack of cycle provision on a narrow road which will see an increase in traffic.
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