Dynamo at Salt Ayre

Dynamo mingling with racing cyclists at Salt Ayre yesterday evening:


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Funding for Heysham-Lancaster off-road delayed

We asked Lancashire County Council about progress on the Heysham-Lancaster off-road route (see our Campaigns page), and received the following response:

The capital programme shows that the design work is identified to be completed by March 2018 which will identify the estimated project cost which will then be subject to approval through our usual capital programme process for allocating funding.

Which is rather different to the Transport Masterplan, which has an “Indicative Milestone” of 2017/18 for completion of the route.  Our best hope at present is for Section 106 funding from new developments on the “Heysham Gateway” – such as the application by Althams for a new development at Hillside Farm, Heaton with Oxcliffe (ref 16/00169/FUL), which was rejected last month for not including sustainable transport.

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Police proposals for safe passing

Dick met two police officers on Friday to hear about their plans to proactively patrol the local area on bicycles and focus on motorists who overtake cyclists too close. This complements the current educational campaign of the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership.

The officers have ordered cameras, which they will wear as they cycle around and target inconsiderate motorists.  This is a small-scale initiative but potentially very effective, and it was very heartening to hear about it.

What regular cyclists can help with is suggesting where the officers should cycle.  So email Dynamo if you know of roads where you are regularly passed too close for safety and comfort.  We will pass the five blackest spots on to the police.

The officers also have their own hashtag (#bikebobbies, of course!) and there are Facebook pages for both Lancaster and Morecambe area police.

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Forthcoming meeting with police

Dick will be meeting Lancashire Constabulary (#bikebobbies) on Friday to find out more about the work they are doing to complement the “Safe Pass” initiative.

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“Pass safely” sign spotted


Dynamo’s first sighting of posters from Lancashire Road Safety Partnership to encourage drivers to leave a safe distance when overtaking cyclists. This one is on Ashton Road.

(Let’s hope that hedge doesn’t grow.)

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Cyclist data from the Cycling Demonstration Town years (2005-2011)

Sustrans have published data collected during the CDT years for the towns and cities that participated, of which Lancaster and Morecambe formed one.  (See Sustrans’s “Evaluation of the Cycling City and Towns and the Cycling Demonstration Towns programmes“.)

For our district, the headline figures are that by 2011 the cycle counters registered 29% more cyclists than in 2005.  You can read the full report here.

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New “Safe Pass” cycle initiative in Lancashire


Since news of the West Midlands’ police scheme to educate drivers about a safe distance to pass cyclists (1.5 metres, please), Dynamo has been pestering the police about something similar in our district.

Lancashire Road Safety Partnership has announced its new scheme, in conjunction with Lancashire Constabulary, called “Safe Pass”, which is a mat and bicycle demonstration which “will be rolled out at events and key locations across Lancashire over the summer”.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as far as the West Midlands’, where undercover police officers on bicycles actually stop close-passing motorists – who are really the ones who need educating.  Dynamo is taking this up with Lancashire police.

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