Government’s “Pedal Cyclist Road Safety Factsheet”

You may not want to read this factsheet (and who can blame you?) but it does provide a national breakdown of reported cyclist casualties and deaths between 2011 and 2016.  One immediate fact that jumps out at you is:

Around 92 per cent of all reported cyclist casualties and 75 per cent of fatalities involved a collision between a pedal cycle and one motor vehicle.

Failure to look properly – 51% of cyclists and 69% of vehicle drivers – is also a feature.

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Important changes to bikes on Transpennine Express trains

Bad news for those of us who take our bikes on trains.  On 20 May Transpennine Express introduced a new policy of obliging passengers to make a reservation for their bikes at least 24 hours in advance.

More details on the Transpennine website.

For comparison, Virgin Trains West Coast Mainline allows you to reserve your bike space right up to shortly before departure – something that needs pointing out to Transpennine.

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Gisela’s cycle-commuting story in the Lancaster Guardian

gisela richardson photoThis week’s commuter is Gisela, who takes her two children to school by bicycle before going to work.  Some of their route is a pleasure (e.g. the canal towpath) and some is far less so (West Road).  Her daughter loves cycling so much that she gets upset if she has to go in the car!

You can read Gisela’s account in this week’s Lancaster Guardian or read a scan of the article here.

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Respond now to the government consultation on Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy safety review – deadline 1 June

A cumbersome title. This is the government trying to make cycling and walking safer while simultaneously increasing them. Please go to to reply to the consultation online – if only to get your views off your chest!

If you want to pick someone else’s brains before replying, you can:

1     Go to Cycling UK’s guidance

2     Look at the Guardian bike blog

Dynamo will be responding to the consultation to make our perennial points, namely:

  • take road space from private cars and allocate it to cycling, walking and public transport;
  • draw up and implement really good guidelines on cycling infrastructure;
  • make residential rat runs into no-through roads;
  • give cyclists priority where offroad paths cross minor roads (particularly at junctions);
  • embed cycle training and cycling in schools;
  • have a community infrastructure levy on all new developments

(all taken from Dynamo’s response to Lancashire’s Transport Masterplan)

. . . and anything else that occurs to us!

So please do take the time to do this – and pass this post on to anyone else who might be interested.

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Simon’s cycle-commuting story in the Lancaster Guardian

Simon Batterbury photo 1This week’s commuter is Simon, who gets around everywhere thanks to his folding bike.  Having lived in Burkina Faso and Australia, he has plenty to compare with Lancaster.

You can read Simon’s account in this week’s Lancaster Guardian or view a scan of the article here.

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How to make a road cycle-friendly


This photo comes from the Netherlands (of course). It’s at the entrance to a village on a road that leads to a town within cycling distance. Loads of schoolchildren use it to get to school. Motorists also use it, but it’s not wide enough for a cycle lanes well as two car lanes. So you make it cycle-friendly by putting in wide cycle lanes that motorists can use if there are no cyclists in them. You put in traffic islands so that motorists are obliged to slow down.

The result?  IN 2009 FORTY-NINE PER CENT OF DUTCH PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPILS CYCLED TO SCHOOL* – often accompanied by a parent, of course.


* From “Cycling in the Netherlands” 2009, published by the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management

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Paul’s cycle-commuting story in the Lancaster Guardian

2E744EF2-8B69-4FD7-A120-D218EBF5D2D4This week’s cycle-commuter is Paul, who cycles from Bare to Lancaster, where he works as a chef in the Whale Tail café.  He admits he used to feel smug as he swept past backed-up lines of stationary traffic, but the opening of the Bay Gateway has put paid to that . . . for the time being!

You can read his account in the Lancaster Guardian or read a scan of the article here.

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