Planning application at Ashton Golf Centre

There is a planning application for holiday chalets to be built at Ashton Golf Centre (reference 17/01196/FUL) on the A588.  Dynamo has objected – not because it is against the idea of holiday chalets here, but because there the application has no provision for holidaymakers (and perhaps even the general public, but that may be hoping for too much) to access the shared-use path beside the River Lune from the site.

Without such access, holidaymakers – some of whom will be families with children – will have no safe cycling or walking access to the chalets.  Building such access could even be a marketing coup for the owners – safe access directly onto the district’s off-road cycle network.

Fortunately, the County Council’s Highways team think the same way, so we hope that the application will be amended.

UPDATE:  the application was approved.  The County Council’s Highways team appeared to remove their objection.  Within the space of a week:

I am reliably informed by the applicant’s agent that the extents of the golf course abuts the cycle link and as a consequence of the fore, I deem it imperative that a privately maintained pedestrian / cycle means of access is provided from the application site to the cycle link. Without creation of the link residents of the chalets walking or cycling to attractions and facilities in the immediate vicinity would be forced to use the A588 (Ashton Road) public highway.


My overall conclusions on this matter are that while there is the potential for an increase in pedestrian & traffic movements on a principle [sic] road with a documented injury accident record. The level of increased movements that the development is likely to generate is unlikely to be sufficient to have a noticeable impact on highway safety and therefore do not consider there to be sufficient strength in the argument to refuse the development on highway safety ground and defend such a reason for refusal at appeal.

Win some, lose some.

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Laura’s cycle-commuting story in the Lancaster Guardian

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALaura takes the long way to work in order to enjoy the ride and to make a clear break between work and home.

You can read about her commute to work in the Lancaster Guardian or the scanned article here.

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Where the £0.5 million for cycle safety is going . . .

ECCD07F1-55DF-4464-BFFA-E2122B16FB98We were encouraged early last year by the news that Lancashire County Council had found £0.5 million for cycle safety measures in 2017/18 . . . but sadly, NONE of it is heading our way.

At its meeting on 18 January 2018, the Cabinet allocated all the funding to schemes in other parts of Lancashire.  You can see here what the money is being spent on.

There is no other County funding currently dedicated to cycling; any money has to be skimmed off planning applications (good luck with that) or through bids for central government funds (along with every other local authority in the country).

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Mark’s cycle-commuting story in the Lancaster Guardian

Mark DaviesThis week’s cycle commuter in the Lancaster Guardian is Mark, with his epic ride to work and his search for – however infrequently – cycling utopia.

You can read about it in this week’s Lancaster Guardian or read the scanned article here.

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Street cleaning by tricycle

In Lille the street cleaners travel around by tricycle.


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Nadia’s cycle-commuting story in the Lancaster Guardian

This week’s cycle commuter is Nadia, who compares other places to Lancaster.  It’s reassuring to know that Lancaster comes out on top . . . but only because some other places are much worse!

You can read Nadia’s story in this week’s Lancaster Guardian or view a scan here.

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Robin’s cycle-commuting story in the Lancaster Guardian

Robin Long's trailer

This is what happens when you leave a small child in a trailer with a camera

This week’s cycle-commuter is Robin, who travels from home to Lancaster University with two children in tow.  You can either read the article in the Lancaster Guardian or view a scan of it here.


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