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Always lock your wheel AND your frame . . .

Spotted in Manchester today: Advertisements

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Lock your bicycle

Blue bikes with a reminder to “lock it or lose it” have appeared in town – perhaps as a result of the recent report of Lancaster being a hotspot for bike theft.  Not a bad idea – except that it’s … Continue reading

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Bike thefts in Lancaster are the highest in West Lancashire

A report in today’s Lancaster Guardian states that Lancaster had the highest number of reported bike thefts in West Lancashire in 2015. There’s no real analysis of the figures.  Is it that we in Lancaster are more diligent about reporting thefts?  Less … Continue reading

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Bike theft arrests

The Lancaster Guardian carries a story this week about the arrest of an alleged ring of bike thieves.  This is part of a European-wide police investigation into high-quality bike thefts. The problem of bike theft crops up regularly at Dynamo … Continue reading

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