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Bizarre bicycle signs

A new year’s resolution: to look out for odd bicycle signs and symbols.  For starters, here’s one from Westmorland General Hospital, which suggests that they really have re-invented the wheel:

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Meaningless signs

Spotted on the A6 in south Lancaster opposite the BP garage.  Does this mean that you’re supposed to walk the whole length of the A6 because a little length of cycle lane is closed?  Are we no longer allowed to cycle … Continue reading

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Mysterious signs . . .

These signs have appeared on the walls of the apartments at Aalborg Place beside the towpath. It’s confusing because the towpath is signed as a cycle route and has shared-use signs at either end: while the new signs – attached … Continue reading

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The new safety signs in Lancaster

Here are the new signs in Lancaster designed to lessen the risk of being knocked off by a vehicle turning left into Middle Street and beside Waterstones. Not sure that a motorist who can’t see a cyclist would notice these!

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New signage for cyclists in Lancaster city centre

Finally spotted – one of the new signs in Lancaster city centre indicating when cyclists should not cycle through the pedestrianised centre.  (Church Street and the southern end of Penny Street are cycleable at all times.)

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New cycle signage

New cycle signs have recently popped up in central Lancaster to key destinations (e.g. railway station).  Has anyone noticed others elsewhere in the district?  These were funded under the Department for Transport Cycle Safety Fund and are designed to publicise … Continue reading

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