1. Our current, longstanding campaign focuses on  A6 cycle lanes and road safety.
  2. Black spots and close shaves – our campaign for spring 2016 to encourage cyclists to report dangers and incidents
  3. City Centre cycling – a success story!
  4. Heysham Moss Link – a partial success in that this proposed route has been included in the Transport Masterplan 2016, but we will need to keep our eye on it.



Latest news: March 2017

Dynamo has been campaigning for safety improvements on the A6 for several years. We stepped this up in December 2014 when we wrote to Lancashire County Council about the awful accident statistics and demanded action. We then worked up a list of improvements, together with the Council’s Road Safety Manager, in April 2015. The significant improvements needed relate to the junctions where accidents have occurred, as well as minor lining and signing updates. In all this time, the Council has managed only the lining and signing and has even back tracked on promises to complete the work.

Dynamo launched an official petition on the County Council’s website and got 733 signatures in support.


This started out as a campaign for continuous, high quality cycle lanes along the A6 between Lancaster city centre and Lancaster University/Galgate and has expanded into a general safety campaign.

The current alternative ‘official’ route to this main artery, between two of Lancaster’s busiest sites, is hilly, circuitous, and in parts the traffic can be more awkward to negotiate than on the A6, so it is not well-used. The A6 is used by most confident cyclists, as the most direct route, but is off-putting for those less confident.

Proper provision would enable far more to cycle, reducing congestion and improving the health of students, staff and visitors to the University, as well as residents on the A6 through greater activity levels and lower pollution.

You can read the April 2014 press release.

Our e-petition for A6 cycle lanes closed on 23 October 2014 with 207 signatures.

We have since learned that this stretch of the A6 is Britain’s most dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. We are following this up urgently with the County Council.  See the blog under “safety” or “A6” for the latest updates.


Dynamo wants to see improved conditions for safer cycling. You can help by reporting incidents and problems to the relevant authorities and keeping us informed so that we can lobby more generally.

  • Serious crashes. These should be reported to the police: 999 if necessary or 101 if it is less urgent. Take as many notes as possible or ask a sympathetic bystander to do so.
  •  Near misses such as being overtaken too close or having to take quick evasive action to avoid a vehicle pulling out in front of you. Make a note of the details and report it to the Road Justice website – You should also report it to the police – Lancaster police station phone 01524 596649, email; Morecambe 01524 596985, 
  • Black spots. Potholes, dangerous junctions, blind bends, slippery corners on cycle lanes and paths. Take exact details and report them to either Lancashire County Council’s “Report It” website – or to the “Fill that hole” website –

Remember to let Dynamo know

Find out more: Road Justice website –

Download our flyer.


Our petition to allow cycling outside core hours (when delivery vehicles are allowed) on Lancashire County Council’s website closed with 204 signatures.   Lancashire County Council finally permitted cycling outside core hours (so, not between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.) from November 2014.  See the blog for the history.


This proposal is to provide a direct traffic-free link from Heysham via Snatchems and Salt Ayre to Lancaster, eliminating the need to use the Heysham bypass or divert via Morecambe, and making the journey possible for many more people including families with young children (and buggies), whether cyclists, pedestrians or wheelchair users.

Heysham Moss Link poster

Poster showing the proposal

You can download the leaflet for more info or to share with friends offline.

Our petition to Lancashire County Council closed with 2,412 signatures.

Here is a map of the proposed route, showing the direct route Heysham-Lancaster, and the circular recreational route via Morecambe:

Heysham Moss Link map

Map showing Heysham Moss Link, 9-mile loop via Morecambe, and local schools, libraries and health centres

The good news after all our campaigning is that the Lancaster district Transport Masterplan does include provision for this route.

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