Objections to planning applications at Lawson’s Bridge, Lancaster, and at Carnforth

At least the planning application for 95 houses at Lawson’s Bridge provided Dynamo with a bit of grim amusement.  It was gobsmaking to hear the A6 (Scotforth Road/Greaves Road) described as “a viable and attractive cycle route”!  They’ve obviously never read the safety reports.

1.  Light industrial units on Warton Road, Carnforth (ref 18/01642)

Dynamo wishes to object to this application. While we fully support the proposal to regenerate a disused industrial area, we wish to point out that the application does not take into account that:

1.   National Cycle Network route 90 runs along Warton Road. This development – along with the Ironworks House development (18/01503) which was recently granted permission – will increase traffic movements on Warton Road and so increase road danger for existing cyclists and deterring would-be cyclists.

2.   The City Council is permitting piecemeal development without an overarching plan for sustainable transport. This application provides parking spaces for 50 cars; Ironworks House for 23 cars. You are increasing traffic movements without mitigation.

3.   Carnforth crossroads is an Air Quality Management Area because of traffic pollution. Again, you are increasing traffic movements in this area without mitigating their impact.

Why not aim to combine the two pavements into one shared-use path along the western side of Warton Road as far as Shore Road? This way you protect the cycle route and improve cycling and walking along this stretch of Warton Road.

You have already missed the opportunity to improve cycle access by permitting Ironworks House without any conditions. Please don’t do the same here.

UPDATE:  application permitted

2.   95 houses on land to the south of Lawson’s Bridge, Scotforth Road, Lancaster (19/00332)

Dynamo strongly objects to this planning application on the grounds that there is nothing in it to encourage sustainable transport. Indeed, by increasing traffic on the A6 heading into Lancaster it will actively deter cycling as a form of sustainable transport.


That “viable and attractive cycle route”

The Residential Travel Plan is laughable and obviously written by someone who has never really looked at the site. Section 3.16 states:

“500 metres to the north of the site along A6 Scotforth Road designated cycle lanes emerge on each side of the road, these lanes continue intermittently into Lancaster city centre, making it a viable and attractive cycle route and creating the potential for cycling to form part of a longer journey by public transport.”

Never before has the A6 been described as “an attractive cycle route”! This section of the road has a bad record for serious injuries to cyclists and pedestrians.

Unless the developer is willing to fund a cycle route from the new estate to join up with the existing cycle network, this whole application should be rejected as it contravenes the City Council’s policy DM20:

“Proposals should minimise the need to travel, particularly by private car and maximise the opportunities for the use of walking, cycling and public transport. Development proposals will be supported where they seek to: (i) Make the best use of existing public transport services and where appropriate provide opportunities for improving and sustaining the viability of those services; (ii) Ensure that there is convenient access for walking and cycling to local facilities.”

About lancasterdynamo

Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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