Latest small update on the River Lune plans

Below are quotes from the comments of 17 September that Lancashire County Council’s Highways Department sent to the City Council on their plans for flood management works along the River Lune (and closure of the shared-use path):


Afore-mentioned notes indicate a requirement to review the potential for increased pedestrian/vulnerable road user movements along a heavily used primary distributor route providing the principal means of access from the M6 junction 34 as well as established business & residential development north of the River Lune. Without further thought and consideration given to issues outlined I would wish to raise an objection to applicant proposals as submitted though I would be open to further discussions as to how issues outlined could be overcome.

That aside, should the city council be mindful of granting planning approval, I would ask that the following conditions and advice notes be appended to any associated consent.


1.   Flood defence footpath / cycleway and its associated infrastructure shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements of Lancashire County Council’s document “Specification for Construction of Estate Roads (2011)” to at least base course level prior first use of any of the reconstructed lengths of the route. Reason: In the interest of highway safety, to ensure a satisfactory appearance, safety of highway infrastructure along the route as well as the provision of a suitable highway surface.

2. No part of the development hereby approved shall commence until:

a. A scheme for the conversion of grass verge (adjacent McDonalds / Holiday Inn) into a hard-surfaced 2m wide length of pedestrian footway.

b. Developer to meet all of the costs associated with the provision of temporary informative pedestrian / cycle route diversion signage for the duration of scheme work activities.

Further news is that the slopes on the rebuilt path should be DDA-compliant – i.e. with a gradient of no more than 1:21.

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Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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