Comments on A588 safety schemes from local Cycling UK representative

Dynamo member Matt Hodges is also a Right to Ride Representative for Cycling UK.  He has given a great deal of thought to the news that there is funding to improve safety on the A588 road (which passes through Cockerham) and has written to Lancashire County Council with his views.  You can read them here.  Thank you to Matt for doing this.


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Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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4 Responses to Comments on A588 safety schemes from local Cycling UK representative

  1. Oliver says:

    This is a very good letter. Let’s hope it has some effect. Living in Lancaster I’d really like to cycle down to the Wyre more often, but after a couple of scary experiences (coming round a blind bend to find two cars speeding towards me – once I had to deliberately fall into the hedge) I’ve put the A588 on my ‘never again’ list.

  2. ride3ree says:

    Yes it should be a great route out of Lancaster, but it’s very uncomfortable at best, and while there are partial alternatives via thee Lune path etc. these are far from direct or ideal

  3. Andrew Holme says:

    So pleased to hear of the potential improvements to this road , Let’s hope that the suggested speed limits are taken on board. I would also add the section through Upper Thurnham either side of Thurnham Hall gates are included. I’ve had more than my share of close calls on this road as a cyclist, but on the section mentioned, which has a bus stop used my numerous Schoolchildren at peak traffic times, I’ve had many many scares as a pedestrian. With fast moving nose to tail traffic North bound hurtling with inches of me as I walked towards the bus stop. So scary!

  4. Stephen Sparrow says:

    Good letter from Matt. I rarely ride that area but can see the danger from the points he raises.

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