Big new housing development at Bailrigg/Whinney Carr

The long-threatened housing development around Bailrigg and Whinney Carr in south Lancaster has been given a boost by government funding for “garden villages”. (See this week’s  Lancaster Guardian article and the City Council’s publicity document.) The brief is for “high levels of connectivity through public transport and cycling” (page 1).

If this development is going ahead, then – putting aside (with difficulty) one’s personal views on building on green fields and cynicism over sustainability – it’s important that the infrastructure is planned for and in place before houses start going up. Paul has therefore wasted no time in writing to Andrew Dobson at the City Council to press for our favoured route along the railway line, as follows:

I have been reading with interest the EoI for the significant intended Bailrigg Garden Village development.  Dynamo Cycle Campaign will of course take interest in responding to consultations and will look to offer up any advice that it can regarding encouraging sustainable travel by bike.

I thought it worthwhile just putting one of our proposals in your mind, as it concerns an area within the scope of the plan.  That is the proposal that we made in response to the Health Innovation Campus consultation and the Filter House planning application of a North-South off road alternative to the A6 for cyclists.

Dynamo proposes a completely new cycle route running parallel to the railway line from opposite the new science park/southern tip of the Old Filter House site, due north to join up with Lawson’s Bridge, Cinder Lane and then Ashford Road.  This has the advantage of being off-road, direct and flatter than the Burrow Beck off road route.  (See  This means that there needs to be co-ordination of the planning in relation to the Filter House, the Bailrigg Business Park. the Booths application and indeed the Bailrigg Garden Village – so that this route can be built.  The Booths application already allows for part of the route to Lawson’s Bridge.

I am sure that you appreciate that, at present, cycle provision is very piecemeal and the A6 south of Lancaster is particularly dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.  Whilst Dynamo is in favour of continuous cycle lanes on the A6 to help to remedy this, we are also keen for imaginative and well-designed direct routes as an alternative.


About lancasterdynamo

Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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3 Responses to Big new housing development at Bailrigg/Whinney Carr

  1. John Hardiman says:

    I fully agree with the recommendations and respect the wish to ask for what is feasible and reasonable. I feel in dynamo’s on words “this proposal lacks the ambition” required for a project of this size. Perhaps to be worked on in future, but really there has to be a desire to at least link off road as far as the hospital for the benefit of the future village occupants and many others besides.

    I do love your work on these projects and thank you for it.

  2. Just attended a ‘health innovation campus’ presentation. The cycle route is n-s up the hill from the main buildings, therefore away from the A6, and connecting to the windy cycle path that takes you between Hala and the campus. But only 2-300m.

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