Notes of Dynamo AGM (held 21 October 2015)

Despite the absence through illness, of our guest speaker, we had an interesting and thoughtful discussion at the Dynamo AGM last Wednesday.

The main points of the discussion (taken from some rather sketchy notes) were:


There was general agreement that good infrastructure (including taking road space away from motor vehicles) was key to encouraging more people to cycle. We have a good basis for a coherent cycle network in the district, but the political will to link it all together seems to be lacking.

What is the status of a cycle lane? For that matter, what is the status of a “cycle superhighway”?  For Dynamo to find out.


Parking in cycle lanes on the one-way system in Lancaster is annoying and potentially dangerous. Without a physical barrier between the cycle lane and the road, the cycle lane is actually no more than a bit of paint. There has also been an increase in cars parking on the pavement on South Road, making life difficult for both pedestrians and cyclists.


Cycling past Dalton Square, opposite the Town Hall, can be hazardous, with cars turning in cavalierly. There is an argument for blocking off some roads so that they are no longer permeable to cars for safety reasons.

Cars coming off North Road and going through to the bus station (an illegal manoeuvre) is dangerous.


Chase this up. Lancaster city centre’s poor air quality is notorious, but nothing has been heard about this recently.


New Sustrans volunteers are in place, and the Sustrans group is active again. We need to make contact with them.


What do cyclists in other parts of the district think? Can they think of useful links or blocks that would make cycling better?


* Dalton Square – press release/photo.

* North Road – a mass die-in???

* Pester, pester, pester those who make the decisions – letters, emails, following up

* Follow up on enforcement of 20mph speed limits in residential areas.

* Paul has a meeting with County Councillor John Fillis (responsible for highways) next week to follow up on A6 safety measures.

* Paul also reported that Mike Hudson of the County Council is interested in meeting Dynamo to discuss the Transport Masterplan for north Lancashire.


Two new members have joined the committee, making 8 in total. We are currently organising the next meeting for November, and if any member would like to come along please contact Dynamo.


About lancasterdynamo

Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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