Breakdown of cyclist accidents in Lancaster 2009-2013

This is the response that Nick Lakin of the Lancaster Guardian received from the local police in response to his Freedom of Information request about accidents involving cyclists in Lancaster between 2009-2013.

Headline tables are here for ease of use; full details of each collision are in the document linked above.

Total injury RTCs 2009-2013

total number of injury road traffic collisions which involved at least one pedal cycle 01Jan2009 – 31Dec2013

age of injured cyclist

a breakdown by age for the cyclists involved

most frequent RTC streets

street names which feature most frequently as the first street address in the results


About lancasterdynamo

Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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One Response to Breakdown of cyclist accidents in Lancaster 2009-2013

  1. ride3ree says:

    The most timely figures here, following on from previous posts, result from adding the A6 corridor stats together, so King St & Chapel St (which are the same route section in opposite directions) would be significantly mitigated by allowing out-of-hours cycling through the city centre, total 34; South Road – Greaves Road – Scotforth Road total 31. Total Millennium Bridge – University 65.

    For the full A6 corridor as per the network map posted yesterday, you have to add in Owen Road and Slyne Road, so another 9.

    I do wonder if the actual risk per cyclist is worse on these stretches, or just that use is higher, but that’s not really important: if use is higher, infrastructure (and policing) must be better.

    The current alternative to the A6 is Bowerham Road, which also shows 8 RTC cyclist injuries, so not good from a safety point of view as well as the inconvenience and effort.

    If you look in the doc, there are also 3 collisions on Preston – Lancaster Road, i.e. South of the University.

    Barley Cop Lane: the last RTC listed there was August 2011. When did the 20mph zone come into force there? It’s hardly enforced, especially the Powder House Lane end, but perhaps it has made a difference nonetheless?

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