More advice from Lancashire County Council about 20mph zones

A little while ago we had a few posts about Dynamo members’ concerns that the 20mph zones were neither being adhered to nor enforced.
It appears that it’s not only Dynamo members who have been concerned about continued speeding along Aldcliffe Road. When Dave Horton wrote to the council about this he received the following response showing that he wasn’t the only worried individual, fortunately the council have taken several stages of actions to lower speeds in this area. These included speed monitoring and the installation of speed indication devices.
If you have worries about particular stretches of 20mph areas, please inform the County Officers at address   It will also help to tell your local councillors that you support the scheme and want to see it fully supported.
Dave’s response from Lancashire County Council:
Thank you for your support for the 20mph speed limit programme.
We appreciate that changing driver’s attitudes and behaviours will not
come about instantly.  Once the 20mph speed limits have been introduced
where concerns about inappropriate speeding are raised we will be
working in conjunction with Lancashire Constabulary to establish
Community Road Watch.  The scheme aims to encourage members of the local
community to volunteer alongside Neighbourhood police teams to monitor
and record driver behaviour so that action can be taken.  This might
include warning letters or police visits to motorists and ultimately,
prosecutions.  All volunteers will receive training in speed
Police officers will also develop a list of the top ten anti-social
drivers for each policing area compiled from police intelligence,
information from members of the public, police and communities together
(PACT) meetings and Crimestoppers. The top ten identified drivers will
be subject to police observation and visits.
In areas of concern we are also looking to deploy Speed Indicator
Devices (SpIDs), commonly known as Smiley Face Speed Signs in order to
positively reinforce driving at 20mph in residential areas.  We hope
that these activities alongside working with local schools will help to
reinforce the message that driving at 20mph in residential areas is fast
A number of concerns have already been highlighted to us regarding
excessive speeding in the 20mph speed limit area along Aldcliffe Road.
In response to this a Speed Survey was conducted in May 2012 at Lighting
Column 11.  The recorded mean speed was 23.3mph.  In response to this a
SpID sign has been deployed along Aldcliffe Road.  We are also working
with the local police to set up a Community / School Road Watch session
in the new academic year.
If you would like to further promote awareness of the new 20mph speed
limit we have a number of resources available include A4 posters,
banners, stickers and car stickers which can be sent out to you if
I hope this helps, if you have any further enquiries relating to the
20mph speed limit programme please do not hesitate to get in touch with
me directly.
Kind regards,
Amy Coulson
Lancashire County Council
Environment Directorate
Road and Transport Safety

01772 538703


About lancasterdynamo

Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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