20’s Plenty – But still they go much faster…

A Dynamo member has shared her recent letter to the councillors of John O’Gaunt ward (Eileen Blamire, Elizabeth Scott and Richard Newman-Thompson), stating her frustration with the apparent lack of  enforcement for the new twenty mile speed limits.

Dynamo whoheartedly believes that the 20mph areas are a positive step to making the streets more friendly for all users: car drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike. However, for this change to occur the speed limits must be respected by all:

Dear Councillors

I was delighted when Lancaster City Council got behind the 20 mile per hour scheme in support of the County decision to try to improve road safety and quality of life for those of us who live on and use the streets of Lancaster.

Sadly, that delight has turned sour in the months following the introduction of 20 mph zones around residential areas of the city. I can’t help but get the impression that this has all been something of a cynical exercise, aimed at pleasing those of us who supported the move whilst not daring to antagonise speeding drivers.

Cars speed past me whenever I walk into town or cycle to work. When I drive at the speed limit it is often in spite of the horn-blowing driver behind me, driving so close I can’t see the number plate.

The police seem entirely unsupportive and disinterested. A few weeks ago, in frustration, I decided to see what would happen if I ‘reported’ a speeding driver to the police, so after a car sped past as I walked to town, I popped in to the station. What an immense waste of 15 minutes! After some prompting a staff member took my details and noted the car registration and said she would let the duty police know. I knew she wouldn’t. She also promised to get the community liaison person to give me a call. It never happened. (But then – she wasn’t aware that such a person existed!!)

Please can you do whatever is in your power to now push for some policing of this law that is being systematically flouted in our city. Taxi drivers obviously know they will never be prosecuted. Ditto most other drivers. And that’s not very surprising, since there has been no policing of it!

Once again Lancaster wastes an opportunity to do something good, something we can be proud of and lead the way with. Other cities have embraced the 20’s Plenty ideal. It wouldn’t take much to have Lancaster follow suit.

In the assumption that my 3 elected councillors are not cynical, please can you keep me informed of initiatives and policies which aim to support the 20 mph speed limit across our city? And please pass on my email to anyone who needs to know or could help.

Thank you

In response Councillors Blamire and Scott have both replied saying that they will take this matter up with the police. However, if you wish to add your voice to this matter please do contact your local councillors (and please let us know at Dynamo how you get on…).


About lancasterdynamo

Dynamo is a cycling group, established in 1994, to work with official bodies, other cycling organisations and interested individuals to promote cycling as a safe, enjoyable and healthy means of transport.
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