Heysham Moss Link: CTC briefing

Paul has been co-ordinating with Cherry Allan, Campaigns and Policy Information Co-ordinator at CTC to write up this case study of the Heysham Moss Link petition and campaign progress.


It’s another excuse to publicise the success, so please do share it!  You can point people here or direct, or to facebook, it is on the Dynamo page https://www.facebook.com/dynamocyclecampaign/posts/731112820282464 and on the Lancaster Cycle Forum.

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Preston Guild Wheel

We tried out the Preston Guild Wheel last week – a 21-mile circular greenway around the outskirts of Preston, starting from Avenham Park (great cafe) just south of the railway station, and taking in, among other sites, the old Preston docks, the River Ribble, a bypass or two, a couple of canals and Brockholes nature reserve (another great cafe).  Mostly on traffic-free routes or quiet lanes, and with just the one big hill in Boilton Wood (hence our decision to go clockwise).  Everything is well signposted and offers a more interesting perspective on Preston if, like me, you only know the bit between the railway station and the listed bus station.  Find out more on Lancashire County Council’s website.  Much of the impetus to create the route came from volunteers . . . is there any lesson for us here?

River Ribble

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A6 South Road – “field trip”

Last Friday Dynamo met County Councillor John Fillis, who has cabinet responsibility for highways and transport, to show him what cycling along the A6 south of Lancaster is like.  We made the case for cycle lanes on both sides of the A6 on South Road.  (It’s a start!)  On the west side, in particular, this would avoid the problem for cyclists of being stuck behind a queue of traffic with no room to move down the inside.

South Road

Councillor Fillis with Patricia, Cat and Paul as outriders.

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Cycling as a truly revolutionary activity

Spotted in the Stasi museum in Berlin: it translates roughly as “Where there’s a will there’s a cycleway”.

Where there's a will . . .

(From the 1970s environmentalists formed one of the forces of opposition to the East German totalitarian government.)

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Heysham-Lancaster route – petition closes

A grand total of 2,412 signatures – hundreds online, but the vast majority of signatures were on the paper petition.  So all that time spent outside explaining our idea and the route to people was worth it!  Thank you to everyone who signed it – and to everyone who spread the word and got family, friends and colleagues to sign it.

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Bicycles on the Morecambe-Leeds line

Has anyone else had problems taking their bikes on the Northern Rail line between Morecambe and Leeds?  Only two bikes are allowed per train (even if there’s plenty of room) and you can’t book in advance – so taking a bicycle is hit and miss.  Given the infrequent nature of the service, it’s a discouragement to using that line.  Read how one cyclist was turned off a train.

And now cyclists are being encouraged to go to the Yorkshire Bicycle show  in Leeds for the Tour de France Grand Depart.  Great . . . but how do you get yourself and your bicycle there?  What’s even worse is that Northern Rail are discouraging cyclists from travelling with their bikes.  Are there no guard’s vans that they can dust down for the occasion?  Mind you, this is a train operating company that can put on a single-carriage train from Lancaster to Cartmel when the races are on.  I’ve never seen so many squashed hats in my life.

What’s the point in celebrating cycling if you have to drive to an event?

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“204 people signed this ePetition.”

City Centre petition now closed bit.ly/cyclecitycentre
Many thanks to all those who signed and encouraged people to sign, this is not an insignificant number, especially given the limited time and resources available.
Any suggestions (or offers!) on how we can make sure that this support is taken into account? Press release? Petition hand-in ride? Party in the streets? Please reply below, or answer the “City Centre Cycle Campaign Continuation Cuestionnaire” on Facebook

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