Dynamo public meeting – Tuesday 29 April

Dynamo is holding a public meeting on Tuesday 29 April at 7 p.m. upstairs in the Gregson, Moor Lane, Lancaster.

Come along to hear about our vision and find out what is happening with our Heysham route campaign, the A6 and other work-in-progress.

All welcome.

And don’t forget to sign the petitions:

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Dynamo press release on the A6 and funding

Dynamo has produced the attached press release about the A6 and our disappointment at the way the £5 million from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund has been spent.  (See Lancashire County Council’s own press release of May 2012.)

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Heysham – Lancaster cycle route: update 2 April 2014

Well, we have been busy!

1.   A letter to city and county councillors has been sent urging them to support the route.

2.   The City Council’s Planning & Highways Regulatory Committee will be considering a planning application for 75 new homes in Heysham.  We have objected on the grounds that there is no new cycling provision – and in particular, no contribution to a route between Heysham and Lancaster.  We have also written a letter to the relevant councillors  to draw their attention to this omission.

3.   We have contacted Heysham primary schools to ask them to support the route.  St Peter’s has taken up our offer of leaflets for Key Stage 2 children to take home to their parents, along with a letter of recommendation.

4.   Leaflets are on display in Heysham and Morecambe -  e.g. Snatchems, Heysham library and local businesses.

5.   We are circulating information about the route and the e-petition as widely as possible.

6.   We have emailed Network Wheels at Salt Ayre to ask for their support.

7.   Leaving no stone unturned, we have written to the Environment Secretary to express concerns at the difficult of lodging this scheme with the county council and getting it evaluated for rapid implementation.

8.   And finally, we have been out three times so far to gather signatures for our paper petition.  Even in short bursts of stopping cyclists and pedestrians, we have well over 200 signatures.

9.   If there is any way that you can support this campaign – perhaps by pinning up a petition at work or displaying leaflets in your business – please get in touch with us at dynamocycle@btinternet.com.

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Heysham – Lancaster cycle route: sign the e-petition

We gathered well in excess of 100 signatures this afternoon during our hour or two of stopping cyclists on Morecambe prom.  However, if you want to support the route but don’t have the chance to sign the paper petition, you can go online to the Lancashire County Council e-petition site and sign it there. 


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Heysham – Lancaster route – update 23 March

We spent an hour loitering in the sunshine at Strawberry Gardens, Heysham asking people to sign our paper petition for the cycle route.  We came away with 70 signatures and a feeling that most people were happy to support it and would like to see it happen.  The ride to and from Heysham – out along Mellishaw Lane and back along the bypass – was a reminder why the current direct routes are really not going to get more people cycling.

Mellishaw Lane           Mellishaw Lane

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Heysham – Lancaster cycle route – campaign moves up a gear

Dynamo is launching the next stage of our Lancaster-Heysham cycle route campaign.  We are stepping up our public campaign and are excited about the potential for us to collect as many as 1000 signatures of support.  We have events planned over the next few months and very much hope that you would like to get involved.

We have submitted an e-petition with Lancashire County Council to run for 3 months (which should come on-line in about a week) and we will also be meeting cyclists in person to discuss our plans and collect signatures on a paper petition. 

A Dynamo cycling promotion event on Tuesday 29 April 2014 at 7.00 p.m., upstairs at The Gregson will be a further opportunity to get the public involved in all of our campaigns over the coming year.

***  Please watch this space for news of the e-petition, which we really hope that you can help to support through your friends and contacts as well as individually ***

Next week marks the start of a series of events, where Dynamo will be represented at key locations and times to meet commuter and recreational cyclists who might support our campaign.  The calendar of these is attached and the dates and locations are also pasted below.  We hope that you can join us…the committee should be able to cover most events, but if you were able to take 1 slot it would be a great boost.  The early events were good fun and the cyclists that we met were very encouraging!

If you think you can join us on a particular date, please mail us so that we can book you in.  

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Sign e-petition for cycling in Lancaster city centre

There is an e-petition on Lancashire County Council’s website at http://council.lancashire.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=66&RPID=5720342&HPID=5720342&$LO$=1.  Please sign it and encourage as many people as possible to do the same.  It is live until 13 June 2014.

“Cyclists commuting across Lancaster in the morning and evening rush hours are pretty much forced to use the gyratory, which is never a pleasant experience. In particular, this is not the most practicable for many southbound journeys, where cyclists arriving in Lancaster must join congested roads, as there is no cycle route through the centre to connect with the cycle paths on upper Penny Street. Given the success of cycling and pedestrians in sharing spaces, as recently implemented in upper Church Street, it is proposed that permission for cycling be extended throughout the City Centre Pedestrian Zone, at least at the same times as delivery vehicles, i.e. before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m. This would reduce danger to cyclists and is likely to encourage new cycling commuters and so increase sustainable travel in our city.”

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